The in-shop experience during COVID-19 times

First, the big announcement:
While we know that travel is still highly restricted, until you can come and visit, we've been updating and refreshing our website, so you can stay home, stay safe and still shop our collection
During these COVID-19 days,
expect a few changes:
*Due to social distancing, a maximum of 2 persons at a time.
*Hand sanitizer is available for every customer to use.  If you would like to try any of our pieces on, you will have to sanitize you hands
*We will gladly help with any of you selections, but ask that you not pick anything up without asking.
*We will clean and sanitize after each customer.
*For now, masks are encouraged, but optional.  Don't be surprised if we wear them while helping you.
*If it's more comfortable, we will accept private appointments, just email us
Please keep in mind that these 'gentle' policies and guidelines are meant
to keep everyone safe.
If you have any suggestions or feedback, please email us.  
It's a big learning curve for everyone!

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